Helpful Resources for parents

Other Parents
Parenting is full of both joy and frustration.  We hope that you make time to develop relationships with other parents in our church.  The prayer, the laughs, the tears, the words of advice, and the words of encouragement of other parents are valuable resources.  Reach out to one another as we work through this together.  You will also find that some great relationships are often formed when you join a Life Group

Being Intentional about Leading Your Family
Every family has habits.  A habit of family worship or family devotions is a great way to intentionally lead your family.  If that is a new idea to you, don't be intimidated.  Just set aside a time to regularly read the Bible and have an age-appropriate discussion with your children about what you read.  Spend a little time praying and maybe sing a song or two.  All you really need is a Bible but below are some other resources you may find to be helpful. 

At home and On Sundays

The Jesus Storybook Bible does a great job of weaving the big picture of the Bible through each short and very well-written story. 

The Big Picture Story Bible is very helpful in communicating the big picture of the Bible to children (and adults) who need fewer words and more pictures. 

My First Book of Questions and Answers is a great resource to teach your younger kids the basic doctrines of the Christian faith.  

Window on the World is a helpful prayer guide that will open up the eyes of kids and their parents to work God is doing around the world.

Seeds Family Worship is a website with some great resources for leading family worship. 

Big Truths for Young Hearts is a great resource to teach the core truths of the Christian faith to children in upper elementary-middle school. 

On Sunday Mornings
Read this blog by Jen Wilkin on the "why" of worshipping together as a family or this one on how to worship together as a family.

Read this blog from John and Noel Piper on the why and how of worshipping together as a family.