Gathering again

We have begun gathering again for worship services, although it doesn't look the same as before. Click here to read a document laying out our plan for onsite worship services.

Resources for use at home

Amidst the current circumstances caused by the COVID-19 crisis, our daily routines, our work, and our time with others probably looks a lot different than before. Many things have changed. One thing that is certain, though, is that God and His Word never change. Praise God that He is our Rock, our Comforter, and Provider amidst the changes all around us and that He speaks to us through the Bible even today.

Now is a great time to begin some new habits and disciplines that can help you and your family grow in your love and knowledge of the Lord and His Word. These are disciplines that you can continue, no matter how your schedule may change in the coming weeks and months. Listed below are a few resources we have collected to assist you in this process of growth.

Additionally, our pastors would love to hear from you, pray for you, and help you in whatever way they can. Click here for contact information for Pastors Jeremy and Stan.

  • Amber and Ryan's Story

    Amber and Ryan are a part of our church family. In the June issue of our Connecting Point newsletter, Amber shares with us great Truths about God that she has learned while battling leukemia and other life challenges in the past months. Click here to read their story.

  • Online Worship Services + Additional Videos

    Click here to be taken to our church's YouTube channel. There you can find the online worship services (the newest one will premier at 10:15am on Sunday morning) as well as short videos posted during the week from one of the pastors or another church leader.

  • Children's Scripture Music

    Help your children (and yourself!) more easily memorize God's Word through Scripture set to music. Seeds Family Worship music writes the songs we have used in our AWANA children's ministry. Click here for more information about their music.

    Another great resource is Lantern Music. Lantern Music was created by Andy Johnson, Pastor Stan and Kris' son, to help "kids and adults easily and effectively memorize God's Word." Click here to be taken to the Lantern Music website.

  • Dwell Bible App

    Right now, the Dwell Bible App can be used free of charge. It offers 6 different audio recordings of the Bible, as well as ways to easily search and explore the Bible. Click here to sign up through our church account.

  • Truth:78-Truth for Children During the Pandemic

    Some of our children's Sunday School classes have used Truth:78's curriculum for the past few years. It is excellent! Those at Truth:78 have been working hard to put out online content that is specific to the events going on in our world right now.  

    Truth:78 says -

    "When the world is shaking like it has for the past two months, our children (and their parents) need a firm place to stand. We need to be more intentional than ever about putting a rock of truth beneath our children that can hold them in this current crisis and in those that they will inevitably face in the years to come.

    Our help for churches and families is collected at our Home-Based Discipleship page, which includes an original series of weekly devotional lessons: Biblical Truth to Teach Children about Diseases and Disasters.

    Beyond this season of interruptions and alternative arrangements, church and families need a vision for discipleship that will guide them through a time of reopening and what follows. The new book Zealous offers this vision, along with encouragement to grow in zeal-a fervor and diligence born out of a passion for God and His glory."

  • Solid Joys Daily Devotional

    If you are looking for a daily devotional app, consider using Solid Joys from the ministry of John Piper. Click here to download for Apple or click here to download for Android.

  • Ligonier Ministries

    Founded by R.C. Sproul, the mission of Ligonier Ministries is to "proclaim, teach, and defend the holiness of God in all its fullness to as many people as possible." Currently, they are offering all of their online teaching content for free. Click here to be taken to their website.

    One of Ligonier's study that would be especially applicable to our current circumstances is Derek Thomas', The Book of Job. Click here to be taken to this study.

  • RightNow Media

    RightNow Media is an online video streaming service that provides churches with access to thousands of video teaching resources. If you would like a free subscription to this resource, please email Kirstin at