The Bible

We believe that the primary tool for the growth of Christians is the Bible.  As we let the Holy Spirit work in us through the Word, we grow. 

A Bible Reading Plan
Personal Bible reading doesn't just happen.  We need to make a plan.  Are you ready to make one?   Check out this link that will point you to a variety of plans, many of which will get you through the whole Bible in a year or two. 
If you were to commit to reading the Bible 5 minutes/day for 5 days/week, you could get through the New Testament in one week.  Find a plan to do that by clicking here.
Another great resource if you read your Bible in a digital format is a free app called YouVersion.

How to Read the Bible
If you're looking for a guide for how to read the Bible, check out this book
or this book designed for students but helpful for anyone who wants to study the Bible better. 

Which Bible Should You Choose?

There are many good modern translations and picking out one for yourself can be overwhelming.  We don't have one translation that we use for all ministry in the church but on Sunday mornings, the sermons will come from the ESV (English Standard Version) and our kids will be learning verses from this version in AWANA.  Click here for a good explanation from another pastor on why his church uses the ESV. 

Bible Study Guides
If you would like a Bible Study Guide for yourself or for reading through the Bible with someone else, Crossway is developing a series called "Knowing the Bible" that takes you through a book of the Bible in 12 weeks. 

Other Resources

Devotional Books
As you read through the Bible, it can be helpful to have a guide.  For something really short and simple, we have copies of Our Daily Bread available at the church on a table just as you walk in.  A very helpful, gospel-centered devotional book by Paul Tripp is called New Morning Mercies.  If you want a guide that will take you deeper as you read through the Bible, check out Vol. 1 and Vol. 2 of "For the Love of God" by D.A. Carson.  New devotional books are marketed all the time.  Choose wisely.  Charles Spurgeon's "Morning and Evening" is one stood the test of time. 
Online Resources
Multiply Movement.  A great discipleship tool for anyone who would like to gather one or more people together to fulfill Jesus' command to make disciples. 
The Gospel CoalitionA team of people committed to impacting all of life with the gospel of Jesus Christ have put together a site filled with great blogs and other resources that we trust God will use to spur on growth. 
Desiring God.  A great online resource for God-centered sermons, blogs, etc.
Covenant Eyes is a great resource for those who need help battling sexual temptation.  
RightNow Media. An online library with access to over 2000 Bible studies. Offers material for all age groups.  You can sign up by clicking here

Good Books

Books on Basic Beliefs
Systematic Theology by Wayne Grudem for those who want the BIG book. 
Mere Christianity by CS Lewis for those who love the classics. 
The Explicit Gospel by Matt Chandler for those want to be sure they have the gospel straight. 

Books on Following Jesus:
Don’t Waste Your Life by John Piper
Operation World by Jason Mandryk for those willing to pray for others and see where God might be leading. 
Growing your Faith by Jerry Bridges
Just Do Something by Kevin DeYoung for those struggling to know God's will for them. 

Books on Spreading the Gospel:

Let the Nations Be Glad by John Piper for those who want to know God's heart for global missions. 
Reason for God by Tim Keller for those who want a solid, rational defense of the faith. 
The Gospel and Personal Evangelism by Mark Dever for all those who need motivation to share their faith with others. 
Operation World by Jason Mandryk for those who are looking for an overview and prayer guide for God's work in every country on our planet. 

Books about Money
The Treasure Principle by Randy Alcorn.  Also available as a Bible study or on DVD
Counterfeit Gods: The Empty Promises of Money, Sex, and Power, and the Only Hope that Matters by Tim Keller.  A great book as you seek to identify and destroy idols in your life and worship God alone. 

Books for When You're Struggling:

Be Still, My Soul edited by Nancy Guthrie, for those dealing with grief. 
Sexual Sanity for Men or Sexual Sanity for Women for those who desire to see sexuality through the lens of Scripture.