life groupS

Because we believe that people grow when they are connected to God's Word and God's people, our goal is to have every adult in our church family involved in a life group. Our groups typically meet every one to two weeks with their study being connected to Sunday morning's sermon. The goal of life groups is to establish life-changing relationships and grow toward maturity in Christ together.

Below you will find more information about each life group, who the leaders are, the time each group meets, etc. If you have more questions, please call the church office at 641.648.3305.

  • Lee's Life Group

    Lynn and Trish Lee live south of Iowa Falls on the family farm and have been a part of our church family for many years. You will often find one or both of them serving our church body with their musical gifts. During the week, Lynn farms and Trish is the school board secretary.

    Lee's life group will meet at the church building on Sundays at 6:30pm from January 12-April 5. No childcare provided.

    Contact Lynn at or 641.849.0911 for more information or to join to their group.

  • Rieken's Life Group

    After many years of farming, Bob and Carol Rieken moved into Iowa Falls and became a part of IFEFC about 10 years ago. Although retired, they continue to serve our church body in many ways. Carol teaches our 1st and 2nd grade Sunday School each week.

    Bob and Carol's senior fellowship life group will meet at the church building one time/month following the worship service for a light meal. Senior adults are welcome to join this, and/or, another group. 

    Contact Bob at or 515.689.3006 for more information or to join their group.

  • Johnson's Life Group

    Pastor Stan and Kris Johnson moved to Iowa Falls in August 2018 when Pastor Stan accepted the call to be the Associate Pastor at IFEFC. During their free time, Pastor Stan and Kris enjoy spending time with the families of their seven children, including many precious grandchildren!

    Come and be a part of Johnson's life group at their home in Iowa Falls. They will meet at 6:30pm on the following Mondays: 1/6, 1/20, 1/27, 2/2 (a Sunday, 5pm), 2/17, and 2/24. No childcare provided.

    Contact Pastor Stan at or 641.860.1665 for more information or to join their group.

  • Vieth's Life Group

    While their acts of serving the church may not always be noticed, Jeff and Mary Vieth contribute to the church body in many ways. From hot coffee and fresh donuts every Sunday morning, to prep work for church meals, Jeff and Mary help keep regular activities at IFEFC running each week. During the week, Jeff can be found helping answer insurance questions and Mary assisting many at a local bank.

    Jeff and Mary's weekly group meets on Thursdays at 6:30pm at their home in town. Bring your children along with you and they can play while you meet!

    Contact Jeff at or 641.640.4525 for more information or to join their group.

  • Allen's Life Group

    If you have a question about life in Iowa Falls or the history of IFEFC, ask Ron and Linda Allen. Ron and Linda have spent much of their lives in town and were some of the first members of our church body. Although retired, part-time jobs, caring for family members, and a bountiful garden keep them busy.

    The Allens invite you to be a part of their life group each week on Thursdays at 6:30pm at their home just west of Iowa Falls. No childcare provided.

    Contact Ron at or 641.373.3382 for more information or to join their group.

  • Guy's Life Group

    Mark and Linda Guy moved to Iowa Falls over 10 years ago to farm with Linda's parents after raising their children and farming with Mark's family near Newton, IA. Having the gift of hospitality, you will often find a group of friends enjoying a meal at their home or a guest spending the night. In addition to a life group, Mark and Linda lead and teach the high school youth group at their home each Sunday night.

    The schedule of the Guy's group is slightly different than the others. They meet through the winter-summer months and take a break in the fall for harvest. When they meet, the group is at their home a few miles north of Iowa Falls on Thursdays at 6:30pm. Children are welcome to come along, too!

    Contact Mark at or 641.521.5924 for more information or to join their group.

  • Nelson's Life Group

    Pastor Jeremy and Kirstin Nelson moved to Iowa Falls with their three small children four days before Christmas in 2012. Pastor Jeremy serves as the Lead Pastor and Kirstin recently began working as the church secretary. Their once-small children are now school-age and the Nelsons enjoy time together as a family both at home and at school and church activities.

    The Nelson's group will meet at their home in Iowa Falls for a meal at 6:30pm on the following Fridays: Jan 10, 17, and 24, Feb 7 and 21, and March 6, 13, and 27. More dates may be added in April and May. While no childcare is provided, you can be sure there will always be dessert!

    Contact Pastor Jeremy at or 641.640.0685 for more information or to join their group.